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Aniruddha entered the beautiful world of bicycles in 2010. The thought was to shed some stones and gain fitness while running errands. At the time he was working with the newspaper DNA in Mumbai as Senior News Editor. When he shifted to Chennai to join Deccan Chronicle, he rented a house 3 km from his office and began commuting to his workplace. The commuting continued when he shifted to New Delhi to work with The Indian Express. Only that the distance increased to 9 km one way and his bike changed to the internationally acclaimed Trek DS1. A year riding with the Cyclesutra group in New Delhi made Aniruddha a strong rider and taught him a lot about bicycles and bicycling. Among other things, he understood that the bicycle he was riding blissfully was one size big for him. He had bought the bike soon after moving to New Delhi and had been fooled. Ignorance is indeed bliss! Aniruddha wanted bliss for all, minus ignorance, and Ncyclopedia came into being. Aniruddha has contributed strongly to the development of a bicycling culture in Nagpur and Vidarbha. From almost zero “riders by choice” in 2014 to a 1,500-plus-strong community, there has been phenomenal growth in cycling in the past four-and-a-half-years. Aniruddha uses the bicycle for everyday commute and is one of the strongest endurance riders in the country.

He brought the culture of randonneuring (long-distance riding) in central India and was one of the first two in the region to become a Super Randonneur (200-, 300, 400- and 600-km brevets in a calendar year). Aniruddha has been a Super Randonneur (SR) every year since 2014-15. He is also one of only two riders in central India to have completed a 1200-km brevet. The other being fellow rider and five-time SR last year Vikas Patra. The enduring thought, however, is not endurance but inclusion of the bicycle in life in some form or the other. “Ten people riding 10 km each is more important than Aniruddha riding a 100 km.” That is the entire effort of Ncyclopedia. Aniruddha says on his Facebook: “500 km around me is a cycling region and i am committed to developing it.” To this end, he regularly conducts awareness workshops on bicycling and bicycles in schools, colleges, information technology and other companies, clubs such as Rotary and Indian Medical and other associations.

Ncyclopedia Anirudhha

Mohammad alias Mosim has been heading the Ncyclopedia technical department for more than 3 years. The young Mohammad brings with him over 15 years experience in servicing and repairing international bicycles and is known to be a man of solutions. He is the best tech hand in whole of central India and has a fan-following of his own. The quality of his service is such, a lot of riders do not want to get their bikes serviced from another. Mohammad is also one of the strongest endurance riders in the country but his thought too is commute. One of the first things he did after joining Ncyclopedia was to buy a bicycle of his own. He commutes 14 km every day to and from Ncyclopedia and to every other place he has to go in his day. Mohammad too is a Super Randonneur and one of a handful of riders in the country to have completed a 1000-km brevet. To children, he is Mohammad chacha. A friend who rides with them and makes them understand the nuances of bicycles and bicycling.

The Top Technician

the top Technician

The Lead Rider

She is synonym for strength, physical and mental. The former Maharashtra skating champion and national speed champion has been an athlete all through her life, save age 19 to 27. She has been a 1200-meter runner, a shot putter and an inter-school and inter-collegiate badminton, throwball and cricket player.

Deepanti is back with a bang, having recently hit the podium twice as a winner and runner-up and is progressing strong to become the strongest woman road cyclist in the country.She recently did 200 km in 8 hours and is set to win the 643-km Pune-Goa Deccan Cliffhanger race.Deepanti is lead rider Ncyclopedia


The constant companion

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Ncyclopedia is a pet-friendly bicycle store, perhaps the only one in India. Our pet Philos (a Labrador Retriever) has been a constant presence at Ncyclopedia for the past four-and-a-half years. The adorable Philos is loved by one and all and is a stress buster for all Ncyclopedia partners (our lead rider Deepanti, our technicians Mohammad and Shubham, our driver Vaibhav and our office manager Rachana) and riders. Philos revels in this knowledge and has a Facebook page of his own on which all Philos updates are posted. Check it out!

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