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The Ncyclopedia Story

The approximately seven kilometres between Akshardham Temple and India Gate in New Delhi have special significance for Ncyclopedia. Seeds of the world-class bicycle store in Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, were sown while pedalling the distance during a ride with the bicycling group Cyclesutra in 2013.Ncyclopedia promoter Aniruddha, a former editor with The Indian Express, was then working in New Delhi and used to ride a minimum 300 km a week. He would commute 9 km one way to office 5 days and ride about 200 km on weekends with Cyclesutra.The more Aniruddha rode, the happier he became and the thought came: Why not share the happiness with others and what better place to start than his hometown of Nagpur.At the turn of 2014, Aniruddha quit his job and returned to Nagpur. Ncyclopedia opened in March that year and the rest is rich bicycling history.

Pickup and drop service


Do you stay far away from Ncyclopedia?
Do you not find time to get your bike serviced?

Call 7798785088 to avail our pick-up and drop service.
We will pick-up your bike from home, service it and drop it right back.


Ncyclopedia is the best bicycle store in all of Central India. We have the tools & technicians to service any bike in the world, in quick time.

ncyclopedia bicycles professional technicians service
Ncyclopedia Bicycles on rent


Ncyclopedia is the only store in whole of Central India where you get International bicycles on rent.
All bikes come with top class bicycling helmets.


Riders from all over the country call Ncyclopedia promoter Aniruddha for advice. His advice comes from over 5 years of riding international bicycles and in-depth study of bicycles and bicycling.

workshop on cycling

Ncyclopedia provides workshop on cycling

Ncyclopedia conducts regular workshops on bicycling and bicycles in schools, Rotary, Indian Medical and other associations and information technology and other companies.
Want to conduct a workshop in your school, college, company, association? Call 7798785088.

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