The answer to randonneuring success is beyond road

Best Randonneuring Bikes

Since the first brevet was held in January 2010, randonneuring in India has seen a steady growth, so has the demand for endurance bicycles.
Which endurance bike to invest in, however, remains a question. Bounce it to a fellow rider and you will find he or she is as clueless as you are. Float it on social media and the suggestions will be a confused lot.
Most randonneurs declare need for speed and forget that randonneuring is first endurace, second consistency and last speed. In fact speed kills most randonneuring efforts.
In a lot of brevets, volunteers at first and second check points struggle to cater to the rush of riders and those at later checks run the risk of death by boredom as riders come in a trickle.
Randonneuring is not rush. It is a journey of ups and downs. It is “the hare and the tortoise” story. The tortoise wins, always, and his strategy is consistency.
Similarly, a randonneur needs a consistent bike — a bike that will perform on road and beyond.
The solution to randonneuring success is not on road but beyond it, as even the smallest of brevets may not have a good road all through.
Beyond road bicycles – aluminium and chromoly – offer comfort, consistent speed and stability. These are good on road and equally good beyond it. With comparatively broader tyres, the instance of flats is low and with discs, the braking is good all weather. Easier gear ratios make climbing super easy, multiple bottle cage mounts bring down hydration stoppages and flayed handlebars create extra comfort and delay numbness in fingers.
The best beyond road bike available in the country is the legendary Surly Long Haul Trucker. It is a chromoly bike known to take riders places beyond imagination.
In chromoly, the others available in India are Marin Four Corners and Nicasio, Kona Sutra and Rove and Trek 520.
The choice in aluminium is Giant Anyroad, Marin Gestalt, Felt VR series and the Scott Addict and Speedster gravel series.
Think randonneuring, think beyond.

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