Saturday-Sunday rides

Ncyclopedia organises group rides every Saturday-Sunday. These rides are a great opportunity to make new friends, know your fellow riders and test your endurance. While Saturday rides are long and strong, Sunday rides are slow and small to mix and match.

Sunday rides #themeetingplace

This is a ride from the time of Benny Be. When the Austrian was working at Ordnance factory, Jawaharnagar (Bhandara), and would ride with us on weekends.
Among the famous rides we did was Oxygen Park. There is a hillock on the Ordnance factory campus in Wadi, atop which is a water purification plant called Oxygen Park. The name struck a chord and the winding climb up the hillock created an adrenaline rush.
We would compete to reach the top and Benny proved to be the best climber.
More than 35 riders relived the Oxygen Park ride on August 26 but had to skip the climb for security reasons.

#themeetingplace: Ride to Surabardi

It was a fantastic ride to the Sudhanshu ashram near Surabardi Meadows this Sunday (September 16). About 25 riders rode 13 km one way, talking and making friends all along. There were some old faces and some new and there was Archana, who was riding for the first time. And man, she pulled it off with determination. Archana rode with friend Kshitija Kadam. Both are professors at government college of engineering.

There were four children not yet teens and they too covered the distance with ease. The senior-most was Pravinkumar Arora at 58 years. Pravinkumar is a regular rider and the ride was a cakewalk for him.
The ride culminated in breakfast at Southern Element at Laxminagar Square.


Ncyclopedia promoter Aniruddha is credited with developing the culture of randonneuring (long-distance check point riding) in Nagpur through the club Nagpur Randonneurs (NR) established in 2014. Aniruddha is the Audax India (under whose aegis long-distance rides called brevets are organised) representative in Nagpur. NR is growing from strength to strength in its fourth year in operation and is among the most happening clubs in the country.
After organising 200-, 300-, 400- and 600-km brevets in the first three years, NR successfully organised a 1000-km brevet in 2017-18. The number of Super Randonneurs (SRs) created by club is likely to reach 40 by the end of the season. Riders completing a brevet are called randonneurs and randonneurs completing 200-, 300-, 400- and 600-km brevets in a calendar year are called SRs.
NR is run by a committee comprising randonneurs Prasad Pitale, Yogesh Dapurkar, Jitesh Thakkar, Sudarshan K Varma, Sneha Barve and supported by riders Swati Sani, Aniruddha Kulkarni and others.

September 8-9 brevet pics. 600 km and 300 km.

There was a twist in the brevet tale this September. While the 300 was right (Warora and back) and left (Umari on Pandhurna Road and back) if you stood with your back at the Zero milestone, the 600 created starfish and crown doodles with Zero Mile at the centre of all action. It was a unique idea of ride responsible Jitesh Thakkar. The 600 started at Zero Mile, went to Peepalpani on Betul Road and back. It then went to Talegaon on Amravati Road and back and then to Warora on Chandrapur Road and back, creating a unique starfish doodle with Zero Mile as its head. It also gave the feeling: All roads go to Zero Mile, centre of India, and that of a crown. Crowning glory, as Jitesh named it, indeed it was.

COMPULSORY: Bicycling helmet, front and rear lights on bikes (with additional batteries or recharging equipment) and reflective vests.