Bicycles and bicycling explained

Your bicycle in parts

Bicycle Parts & Function
Helmet Awareness

2. Safety first

  1. Push the helmet side to side front to back, and twist .it should move so little that the skin at your temple wrinkles.
  2. Grab the back of the helmet and pull towards the slips over your eyes, shorten the back straps.
  3. Straps should meet just below and forward of the ears.
  4. the chin strap is tight enough if you feel the top of the helmet press down on the top of your head when your jaw is halfway open.
  5. the front edge should be no more than 1 inch or so above your eyebrows.
  6. Push up firmly on the edge of the helmet. if it moves backward, shorten the front straps and tighten the chin strap.

3. Choose right frame

The right saddle height Right Saddle Heighthas a very important role. If it’s too low, you won’t have enough power in your feet

The Right Saddle Height
The Proper Body Position On a Bicycle

4. Correct posture

There is no such thing as the correct posture, only the correct position for you. The set up for a road bike will be different for each person as each individual has different sizes for our arms, legs, torsos and any other part of the body. As such, what is comfortable for one cyclist may not be so for the next when it comes to road cycling.

The advantages of maintaining the correct cycling position include:

  • Greater comfort
  • More efficient riding
  • Improved bike handling