Importance of derailleur hangers

The rear derailleur hanger

It was not so long ago that Ncyclopedia promoter Aniruddha underlined the importance of derailleur hangers in his fortnightly column on the “onmanorama” website.

The objective was to make the rider aware of this innocent little part which is a life-saver for bicycle frames, make him/her understand how damage to it can paralyse bikes and how difficult it is to source the part.
We did not realise at that time that the reality would soon come home to bite. It did.
Riders Dattatraya Shinde and Sanjay Lute broke their derailleur hangers almost at the same time. We told them not to worry and promised to bring their bikes back on road within a couple of days. That was not to be. None of the more than 50 hangers we had in stock fit Dattatraya’s Trek Madone 4.7 of year 2010 and Sanjay’s Cannondale Quick 8 of 2017.
Trek India sought eight weeks to deliver, while Cannondale importer TI Cycles was completely clueless. We pleaded, but to no avail. We tried with other shops across the country. No one had the hangers.
We had a promise to fulfil. We decided to get the hangers ourselves. We found an independent importer who delivered in two weeks and brought the Madone on road on Tuesday (March 27, 2018).
The Cannondale hanger is also here and the bike will soon hit the road.
While researching for the Manorama column, Aniruddha had found one manufacturer listing 650 different types of hangers and another listing 450. The hangers take the impact of a fall/hit and break, thereby saving the frame
Every bike has a different derailleur hanger and the hanger changes every year. Trek did not have the Madone hanger in ready stock as the bike is a 2010 make.
Bicycling has come a long way but the problem of derailleur hangers still persists in the year 2018.
But for Ncyclopedia commitment to cycling and riders, the Madone and the Cannondale would take a long time to return to roads.
The importers may not care. We do.


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