Beautiful world of bicycles & bicycling

Life has come a full circle and the bicycle is slowly but surely making its way back into our collective life. This time, however, it’s not humble, on the contrary it’s chic. This is happening for the first time in decades, that is bicycles hitting the Indian roads the way they should be. Arguably for the first time, Indians are riding well-designed horses for courses.

How to decide frame size of bicycle?

Sizing goes beyond the general chart available on the Internet (image 1). Even for basic sizing, what matters most is the in-seam length, the stand-over height. Reason being, the proportion of torso and legs is different for each person.

Stand over a bicycle with your legs on either side of the top tube and your hips touching the saddle/seat (as shown in image 2). In this position, the space between your scrotum and the top tube should be a minimum one inch. Less than an inch, the bike is big for you and more than three inches, it’s small for you.

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